AW Jenkinson Woodwaste Overview

AW Jenkinson woodwaste are the largest timber recycler in Scotland. Growing year on year to now reprocessing 5000 tonnes of waste wood per week.

With the business growing at a suitable rate with a forward thinking management team plus with being part of the AW Jenkinson group there is no reason why the growth has to slow down.

AWJ’s aim is customer focus and service. Tom McIntyre our (MD) has said “no service =no customers “

Going forward we are very well positioned to provide stock for the ever expanding Biomass boilers being installed plus with having new projects ongoing we are the company who like a challenge.

We always work and listen to our customers and with our help and advice trying to make their job in recycling waste wood a little easier.

AW Jenkinson group have over 400 vehicles in their fleet there is no reason or barriers to where we can help customers with their waste wood, saving this from land fill.

Meet the Team