Woodfibre Bedding

AWJ Woodfibre Bedding For Cattle, Equine & Sheep

AWJ produced on average 500 tonnes per week of Animal bedding from our four Locations.

We supply various types of equine & farming facilities locally from our depots .This reduces AWJ’s Carbon footprint also doing a little more for the local environment.

Several benefits from our bedding are as follows:

  • Back to ground after use(No need to landfill)
  • Cost effective compared to straw and other bedding products.
  • Recycled timber produces a natural warmth, meaning less energy being used by cattle during feeding keeping warm (keeps weight on)
  • Dries out on top keeping dampness away from your animal
  • Keeps animals clearer doesn’t stick to their coat, makes it easier for showing cattle and easier to clip.
  • Quicker to muck out and reduces your muck heap.
  • Less waste of raw product when mucking out
  • Woodfibre Bedding Plus for dairy cubical cattle also available

  • You can collect from our sites from everything from a 1m3 bag, silage trailer right up to a bulker artic or we can deliver to your site in various types of transport.

    If you are interested in our Woodfibre Bedding or require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    [email protected]

    +44 1506 829 880