Bulk, Bulk Bags & Pods

AWJ Unique Bulk, Bulk Bag & Pod Bedding System

Over a number of years there was a few customers we just couldn’t fulfil their bedding requirements. The main problem was having to order loose bedding and not all customers had a suitable storage area to take delivery in this format or the need for such a large volume at any one time.

AWJ listened to our customers and now have the capability to service nearly all types of requirements.

In 2014-15 we launched a number of new options:

AWJ Bulk Bag Bedding

This allows everyone to have access to AWJ bedding (from a single horse owner to larger equestrian centres). Each bag contains 1 cubic meter of bedding. Tests have shown that one bulk bag is equivalent to 6 bales of shavings giving a saving on today’s market in excess of 50%.

Midi Pods

The Midi pod was introduced in 2015 for small to medium sized equestrian yards who did not have the space or storage to take delivery in bulk loads. The midi pod is an enclosed system which keeps your bedding dry. It also has a customer friendly drop down front that is easy to use but also doubles as a ramp to make it easy to get your wheelbarrow in and out. Midi pods holds eight cubic meters of bedding, the equivalent to 48 bags of shavings. When your Midi pod is due for exchange a simple call or email to our office and we will arrange an exchange within 48 hours. This offers further savings not only on the cost saving against an alternative bedding such as shavings but also on travelling costs to collect bales.

Maxi Pods

Our Max pod was the first of the pod sizes we launched in 2014. We have a number of customers who changed onto this after launch and have saved considerable costs from buying straw, sawdust or shavings. Max pod is designed for medium to large livery yards, riding schools or equestrian centres. Again this allows you to buy bedding in an enclosed container keeping your bedding dry without taking up shed space. The size of this pod is 40m3 (equivalent to 240 bags of shavings). This pod is available within 20 miles from any our Scottish depots.

If you are interested in any of the above or require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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